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REALLY Helpful Hints for Installing Your ProDoc Update

You may find the following information useful while installing the update that includes the database enhancement.

This page will be updated frequently so check back in a day or so if you still have questions.

Installation hints
System messages you may encounter
Installing ProDoc/Westlaw Forms on a post-Microsoft Windows® XP OS Server
Installing ProDoc Files to a non-Microsoft Windows® Server
Who to contact for assistance

Installation Hints

    1. Time Your Installation for the Last Task of the Day
      This time only, you will need to reboot/restart your computer during the installation process. If your installation is on a network server, we strongly advise that you wait to run the installation until everyone else is off the network.
    2. Temporarily disable your internet security (firewall) and virus scan
      At least one customer reported that during the installation process his computer went into Not Responding mode. He discovered that disabling his firewall and virus scanning software enabled him to complete the installation. Be sure to reactivate both after the installation is complete. After the installation is complete, adding ProDoc and Pervasive PSQL as exceptions to the firewall and to live anti-virus scanning will help prevent interference by your firewall and anti-virus software.
    3. Lengthier Installation
      This installation will take longer than a typical ProDoc update. This is a one-time occurrence and we ask that you be patient with this process.
    4. Leave the CD in During the Reboot
      The installation process will continue after the reboot so do not remove the CD until you click the Finish button.
    5. Be Certain that You Are Installing on the Server for a Network Installation
      The installation and setup of both programs are now accomplished from the host computer.
    6. Make Sure that Your Are Logged in as an Administrator
      For a network system, the Install program requires that you have Administrative rights. Therefore, make sure that you are logged in as an administrator. Most functionalities of the ProDoc and SOS program will require the user logged in to have Administrative rights.

System Messages You May Encounter

Short Solution
Long Solution
Call If…
A component installation failed error: This error occurs if the latest Service Packs have not been installed.
Component Install failed
Install any Service Packs that are available for your version of Microsoft Windows.

Ensure that the installation is not running in compatibility mode.

To access the Service Packs for supported Operating Systems, use one of the links listed below:

\Windows 2000 SP4
Windows XP SP3
Windows Vista SP2

Important note about Vista SP2!!

SP2 for Vista is not a standalone service pack. It requires that SP1 is installed. If you do not have Vista SP1 installed, you can download it here.
... you have the latest Microsoft Windows Service Packs and you continue to receive the error.
The message above is generated by the Install program when Service Packs are not current; this message is the Btrieve-generated message that usually indicates the same problem.
Error 3
Short Solution
Long Solution
Call If…
Run As message: On a system where a user has administrator rights, but the system requires verification for a program to have access to registry and other internal devices, a Run As message will appear. (This message will only appear on Windows Server 2003 and 2008 Operating Systems)
Run As
If the user account has the correct permissions, uncheck the 'Run this program with restricted access' box and click OK. This may be required more than once.   ... you have confirmed with your IT support or network technician that the account being used does in fact have Administrative Rights and you are still not able to install because the Server does not allow you past this screen.
Short Solution
Long Solution
Call If…
ERROR 6 message: This error message is prompted by Btrieve if the login being used does not have Administrative Rights.
Error 6
Log off of the current account and log in as a user with the correct permissions.   … you have confirmed with your IT support or network technician that the account being used does in fact have Administrative Rights and you are still not able to install.
Short Solution
Long Solution
Call If…
Modification to ProDoc Data Engine is Required: This message will appear if there is another software package installed on the host computer that uses the Pervasive SQL software.
If you select Yes, ProDoc will finish its installation and should work without further incident. If you know which software you run that accesses the Pervasive SQL database, try to run the program to make sure it is still working properly.   … if you do not know which software the server has that uses the Pervasive SQL database and you are concerned that there could be a conflict.
  If you select No, ProDoc's installation will fail and you will need to start up the install again to resolve the issue.
Short Solution
Long Solution
Call If…
A 'Max license count reached' message appears: This error can occur if you have upgraded your ProDoc to the current version and the registration code previously used on the server computer is for a stand alone user. (ProDoc sells the user different licenses for stand alone users, network setups or both).
Click Tools > Registration > Change Registration to bring up the Change Registration Code window. Enter the registration code you received for a network setup. For users that have access to West My Account online, you can look up all of your registration code options that are available to your account. Log into the web site and browse to the ProDoc registration data. If you are creating a new My Account login, you must know your ProDoc West Account number or have a Registration Key. ... The About ProDoc screen shows more than 1 Concurrent User and the number of licenses being used is more than the number of users logged into the program, you are unsure of the number of licenses you should have/registration codes you should use, or you don't know your registration code. Also, contact us if you need to add more licenses for your office.
To verify what type of license that the server computer is using, open ProDoc and click Help, About ProDoc. Look at the line 'Concurrent Users'. If the number is 1, then a stand alone license was used to register. You can also see the Registration Code that was previously used.
Registration Code

Installing ProDoc/Westlaw Forms on a post-Microsoft Windows® XP OS Server
Performing a software installation on a machine running an operating system that was released after Windows XP requires the user to have administrative privileges.  With Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003 builds, the user is allowed to install software by right clicking on the executable and choosing “Run as administrator” from the drop down list.

In the Windows Server 2008 operating system, the user will be required to use the log in, “Administrator”, in order to install the ProDoc program.  (If you do not know your Administrator password, please check with your IT representative.)  Even if the user has administrator rights, the ProDoc install will not be able to complete without error messages.

Sharing Server Files
After ProDoc has been installed, the Administrator login must be used to set up sharing for the ProDoc, SOS and the saved documents folder.  In order to set up sharing, right click on the folder and choose Share with, Specific people from the list.  When the sharing window appears, use the drop down menu to select Everyone and then click Add.  Once Everyone is listed in the box below, change the Permission Level to Read/Write.  Click the Share button.  Once Windows has completed setting up the shared folder, click the Done button to finish.

Security Settings
Depending on the installation method, there may be security settings that must be negotiated for the workstations to access the ProDoc and/or SOS folder.  We recommend that you review those security rights as part of the installation process.

Installing ProDoc Files to a non-Microsoft Windows® Server
ProDoc/Westlaw Forms is a Windows-based software program and can only be run on this operating system. However, it is possible to install ProDoc files on a non-Microsoft Windows OS server but run on Microsoft Windows-based computers. We strongly encourage you to call our Technical Support (800-759-5418) team for assistance. Be sure to specify to the person you speak with that you want assistance with installing ProDoc files on a non-Microsoft Windows server to make sure you are directed to one of our more experienced personnel for this less-than-routine installation.

Who to Contact for Assistance
Call our Tech Support team at 800-759-5418, option 3. They are quite busy with phone calls so please be patient.

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