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Certified Mailer

Professionally address and send your certified mail in a fraction of the time you’ve needed in the past. Our Certified Mailer program automates the process and uses your case data to make this former chore a routine task for your staff.

You can now pull names and addresses directly from the ProDoc case file and simultaneously print the label, the receipt, the certified receipt, and the other post office labels — all in a minute, or less. And, all of the certified article numbers are already in place on every piece.

Finally, they’re all products of your printer; you enjoy the professional look you just can’t get with handwriting — no matter how many penmanship awards you received in grade school.

Additionally, you’ll find that you no longer need that electric typewriter and/or pre-printed labels.

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Call 800-759-5418, option 1, to order Certified Mailer forms.

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Our Certified Mailer program enables you to print professional looking certified mailers and all of the associated labels nearly instantly.
Click to enlarge the image. The Certified Mailer “pulls” client and case information from ProDoc to make preparing certified mailings a simple and routine task.


Thanks for choosing ProDoc! We hope you’ll find our Certified Mailer program to be another tool we provide you that saves you time and makes practicing law easier.

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