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ProDoc's California Systems Make Practicing Easier

ProDoc is a unique law practice productivity service that makes the practice of law much easier. Our automated systems give you power to save time and to boost your firm’s profitability.

With ProDoc, for a small monthly fee you receive:

A comprehensive library of automated document assembly forms, constantly updated by our staff of 20+ attorney-programmers.
Free, automatic updating of the document assembly forms library whenever there’s a change.
A completely integrated, easy-to-use document assembly software program – a single source for all the forms and information you need daily. This includes every Judicial Council Form in their respective ProDoc volumes and nearly every local county form.
A unique, single entry system—enter all client and case information just once and it’s automatically used in every other document for the case.
Additional easy-to-learn software programs, fully integrated with ProDoc, that automate many other time-consuming office tasks.

Here’s the Bottom Line

For a small monthly fee, you will dramatically increase the productivity and profitability of your practice. At the same time, you will significantly reduce the frustration and headaches of:

  (1) keeping up with changes in the law and making sure your forms are updated and
  (2) updating multiple software programs and making sure you and your staff know how to use all that different technology you have purchased (not to mention the hassle of trying to keep everything updated).

Finally, you will discover that ProDoc truly helps you to reduce those overhead costs that burden your practice every single day.

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