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California Conservatorships PowerPacks — Additional Timesaver

Our Conservatorships PowerPack is an indispensable addition to your practice. It consists of two powerful programs to help you more easily manage Inventory Appraisal and Accountings, and generate the related Judicial Council forms.

Equally important, it’s 100% integrated with the Conservatorships volume so all the information you enter into the PowerPack is automatically used everywhere it’s needed for the life of each case. This saves you time and reduces the chance of incorrect calculations and other errors.

Inventory and Appraisal program

You can easily create estate inventories using the GC-040 and GC-041 forms by simply entering all the necessary information once in an easy-to-use spreadsheet. ProDoc then automatically calculates the value of the estate, completely eliminating manual calculations – and potential errors.

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Accounting program

Using this feature, you enter information relating to the estate’s assets, receipts, disbursements, attorney’s fees, distributions, capital transactions, etc. in a simple-to-use spreadsheet. ProDoc handles all of the associated calculations for you and generates the necessary reports and documents. This feature will greatly simplify and speed your generation of the new GC-400 and GC-405 forms, as well as all of the related schedules and worksheets.

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