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California Family Law PowerPack — Additional Timesaver

Our Family Law PowerPack is an indispensable addition to your family law practice. It consists of two powerful programs to help you more easily manage property distribution and the related Judicial Council forms and generate the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) Declaration.

Equally important, it’s 100% integrated with the Family Law volume so all the information you enter into the PowerPack is automatically used everywhere it’s needed for the life of each case. This saves you time and reduces the chance of incorrect calculations and other errors.

Property Declaration and Distribution

All of the property details you enter in this program automatically flow into the MSA—separate property as well all your allocation decisions about community property. That’s an example of what makes our systems and service so unique.

The Property Declaration and Distribution program enables you to enter each community property asset and debt into a spreadsheet format and decide how to allocate it. ProDoc does the math for you so you instantly see the financial impact of each property division decision.

There are separate tabs for each party’s separate property. Again, you enter the assets and debts, the program does the math, and you instantly see the financial implications for each party.

You can also generate reports of the division of community property (including after-tax consequences) and each party’s separate property.

The Property Declaration and Distribution program accomplishes two significant tasks for you.

  • Division of Property – Once you’ve entered the community property assets and debts you can work with the program, dividing the assets and debts in various ways among the parties, using multiple scenarios to find the most advantageous plan for your client. And you can then print various summaries and reports to show the opposing party and his counsel, convincing them of the fairness of the division, and saving you hours of negotiation.
  • Property Declaration and Schedule of Assets and Debts – The program generates the completed Judicial Council forms, again saving you the time you and your staff now spend putting all those details into the little boxes. You can generate the Property Declaration for Community Property and both party’s separate property OR a plain paper summary of the division to attach to any agreement or form.

UCCJEA (Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act) Declaration

The UCCJEA Declaration program enables you to enter all the children’s information—all past addresses and details about prior cases—in an easy-to-use format, and generates this complex form in just minutes.

This program makes it easy to prepare the UCCJEA Declaration for even your most challenging case.

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