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California Litigation Volume

Our unique, automated Litigation Law volume makes your general civil and small claims cases easier by enabling you to work on them more efficiently and profitably.

With this volume you have nearly instant access to more than 880 automated forms —everything you need for your litigation matters. You’ll find all the forms you need from start to finish for these cases, including the Judicial Council forms and local forms for 40 counties.

Best of all, everything integrates and works together. For instance, enter all of the parties’ information (i.e. names, addresses, attorneys, case information, etc.) at the opening of the case and that information is used over and over again for the life of that case.

The major Litigation areas covered by this volume include:

  1. Initial Pleadings
  2. Case Management
  3. Proof of Service
  4. Summons and Subpoenas
  5. Discovery
  6. Waivers of Court Fees and Costs
  7. Miscellaneous Civil
  8. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  9. Civil Harassment
  10. Elder Abuse
  11. Judgment
  12. Workplace Violence
  13. Attachment/Claim and Delivery
  14. Execution of Judgments
  15. Receiverships
  16. Wage Garnishment
  17. Appeals
  18. Small Claims
  19. Local Forms

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