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California Probate PowerPack — Additional Timesaver

The Probate PowerPack is an essential tool for the Probate practitioner. This program complements our automated Probate volume, resulting in a truly impressive product! You’ll find that our sophisticated Probate PowerPack greatly reduces the time it takes to complete your inventory and appraisals and to generate the requisite documents.

Inventory and Appraisal

With our easy-to-use Probate PowerPack, generating the Inventory and Appraisal forms become simple and routine tasks. That’s because the Inventory and Appraisal program in the PowerPack enables you to enter all the necessary information only once in a specially designed spreadsheet and then sit back while the program performs the calculations and prepares the documents.

In addition to saving time when completing your inventory and appraisals and generating the requisite documents, the program greatly reduces the pain of these tedious tasks. And, it makes printing the Accounting almost effortless.

It’s a simple matter to organize and list each piece of property held in a probate estate in ProDoc’s unique spreadsheet. You type in the description of the property as you want it presented to the Court and the Probate Referee. List all Community Property in the Community window of the spreadsheet and all Separate Property in the Separate Property window. ProDoc does everything else… including the math!

The program then generates, automatically, your Judicial Council Inventory and Appraisal (DE-160). It prepares both Attachment 1 and Attachment 2 (DE-161), each listing the appropriate assets:

  • Assets that were appraised by the Personal Representative on Attachment 1 and
  • Assets to be appraised by the Probate Referee on Attachment 2.

The program groups together all similar assets and identifies them as Community or Separate Property as required by the Probate Code.

And, because the PowerPack is fully integrated with the Probate volume, all of the property you list in the Inventory and Appraisal flows seamlessly into the Accounting. Simply identify which have been sold or already distributed or add any property found after the Inventory and Appraisal was entered with the Court and you are ready to print your Accounting.

This essential program includes even more features to make your life easier. At any time you can export all of the data you have entered into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet so you can send the spreadsheet to your client or email it as needed.

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