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California Workers' Compensation Volume

Our unique, automated Workers' Compensation volume makes these cases easier for you by enabling you to work on them more efficiently and profitably.

With this volume you have nearly instant access to more than 170 automated forms—everything you need for your Workers' Compensation matters. You’ll find all the forms you need from start to finish for these cases.

This volume contains every form needed by the attorney and claims administrator for handling Workers’ Compensation matters. These forms are found in three major categories:

  1. Electronic Adjudication Management Systems (EAMS) compliant forms - This section contains all of the EAMS forms. They have been tested on the DWC software to ensure compliance with the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) standards established by the DWC.
  1. Legacy forms – This section contains all the other non-EAMS forms still promulgated by the DWC.
  1. Benefit Notices – This section contains all the notices contained in the DWC Benefit Notice Instruction Manual. They are useful for claims administrators to comply with regulations governing the issuance of benefit notices.

The volume contains several useful features for the user:

  • WebUpdate – The DWC has shown a pattern of making regular changes to the EAMS forms. Our WebUpdate feature enables us to post the updated forms as they change.
  • Cover and Separator Sheets – Our forms include the mandatory cover sheet and separator sheets.
  • Form Sets – ProDoc enables the user to create custom sets of logically-related forms to ease and speed the document generation process.

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