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Frustration over trying to balance the tasks of representing clients, finding new clients, and managing a law practice led to the creation of ProDoc.

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In the Beginning
Back when he practiced law for a living and, like nearly every small firm lawyer, ProDoc's founding attorney struggled daily with balancing the tasks of representing his clients, finding new clients, and managing his practice.

For him, the most frustrating part of practicing law was the fact that his overhead always seemed to rise faster than his income. Finally, he realized that, even though he was a pretty good lawyer, he had to think like a businessman if he wanted to make the kind of income he had expected when he first entered law school.

Enter Frustration
He had plenty of clients and plenty of work. Unfortunately, he had been hiring more and more assistants as his workload increased – his overhead was literally eating up his profits. That’s when he decided that, instead of working longer or hiring more staff, he needed to start working more efficiently.

A significant part of his practice consisted of creating large volumes of documents for real estate closings. It was extremely tedious and time consuming so he decided to look for ways to make that part of his practice more efficient.

The Search for Solutions
First, he learned how to write macros and merge systems in WordPerfect®. That certainly helped, but it wasn’t enough. He began looking for software to help but, frankly, there simply wasn’t anything available that he felt was appropriate for a law practice.

In desperation, he finally taught himself to write a computer program so that he could create the kind of software he needed for his practice. That’s how he created ProDoc. Soon afterward, ProDoc’s ability to generate a very high volume of documents quickly and accurately astounded his partners and their law office productivity nearly doubled — without adding staff. And, when he saw how net revenues skyrocketed he realized what a winner he had actually created.

ProDoc Begins
In 1991, he began selling ProDoc. It was a slow and time-consuming process explaining to attorneys what ProDoc was and how it would benefit them. Frankly, even today, it’s frustratingly difficult to get attorneys to think about things like efficiency and productivity. But, through persistence, the word finally got out and ProDoc hasn’t slowed down since.

The Maturing Years
Eventually, ProDoc grew to well over 100 employees. We had expanded to Florida and California, in addition to our original home base, Texas. Our reputation for a quality product, a reasonable price, and outstanding service was, and still is, well established in the legal community. And, we grew tremendously.

The Thomson Years
Thomson (West back then) and ProDoc talked periodically through the years but nothing came from the discussions. However, recognizing the potential power of Thomson’s form content powered by ProDoc, in early 2008 we accepted their offer to acquire us. So, we became a part of the West family, a division of Thomson Reuters.

West provided us the opportunity to bring you FormBuilder. FormBuilder is ProDoc on the web, something our customers have been requesting for some time.

Now, we look forward to serving the needs of attorneys and law firms in many more new states. And, we look forward to ensuring that FormBuilder (ProDoc on the web) is the undisputed leader in document assembly software for lawyers—worldwide!

The ProDoc Team

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