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Marital Settlement Agreement

ProDoc's Marital Settlement Agreement has the options to allow you to draft an agreement that can effectively cover virtually all issues in any dissolution - from simple to complex.

In a matter of just a few minutes, you can generate a simple agreement, or a complex agreement with detailed provisions, resolving some or all issues in an action for dissolution.

Our Marital Settlement Agreement covers all areas including:

Parental Responsibility - options to enumerate specific duties, rights, and responsibilities of one or both parents with shared responsibility, sole parental responsibility, or rotating custody.
Visitation Schedule- the flexibility and comprehensiveness to create detailed schedules with any combination of weekends, summer vacations, holidays, and Jewish holidays.
Other Children's Issues - provisions pertaining to relocation of a parent, children's surnames, responsibility for college expenses, children's property and other issues.
Home, Real Estate, and Mortgages - award real property to a party, provide for an immediate or future sale, and divide the proceeds between the parties or pay specified debts.
Division of Property and Liabilities - provide for a simple award of personal effects, generate detailed lists of assets and liabilities.
    With ProDoc's Family Law PowerPack, including the Financial Affidavit program and Equitable Distribution system, you enter all property information in a user-friendly format, experiment with different division scenarios, then assembly the MSA, with or without an associated judgment, directly from the program.
    Other provisions can include:
Division of retirement benefits (including military)
Sale of specific assets
Child Support
Health and Dental Insurance and Expenses
Equalizing payment
Family pets
Alimony - State that no alimony shall be paid or provide for permanent, rehabilitative, bridge-the-gap, temporary, or lump sum alimony, alimony in the form of specific property or assets, or monthly maintenance alimony (such as mortgage, rent, utilities, health insurance).
Other Issues and Provisions
Choose standard tax clauses, or address detailed tax issues if your situation calls for it (such as tax liability, refunds, and dependency exemptions).
Provide for court costs and attorney's fees.
Numerous other provisions are inserted (when appropriate, through ProDoc's "artificial intelligence"). Examples include
Full and complete disclosure,
Non-dischargeability in bankruptcy,
Mutual release,
Severability, and
If there are outstanding issues to be resolved by the court, you can also insert provisions to reflect the parties' inability to agree to such issues.

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