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Florida Attorney-Client Matters Volume

An effective connection with your clients begins with keeping them informed of the status – and details – of their cases and allowing them to be involved in the decision-making process.

Our volume for Attorney-Client transactions is included in every subscription. It consists of more than 30 forms, including letters, information sheets, attorney fee agreements, as well as other miscellaneous documents to help you establish and define the attorney-client relationship.

This volume comes standard with every ProDoc subscription and contains more than 30 automated forms you need to establish and maintain communications with your clients, from client intake forms through closing letters. The forms in this volume are expressly designed to keep your clients involved in their cases, thereby reducing the risk of unwarranted or frivolous malpractice claims.

Letters and New Client Forms
The volume contains a variety of forms to gather information about your new clients and to provide your existing clients with information about your services, including fee agreements, and numerous cover and transmittal letters. You’ll also find forms to assist you in obtaining client-related documents, including medical records, bank records, and employment records.
Release and Closing Documents
These forms are used to end the attorney-client relationship after resolution of the case; included are settlement and other documents regarding the conclusion of your representation. Forms and letters in this volume have also been enhanced to accommodate the needs of criminal defense practitioners. If you indicate that a particular form or letter is being prepared for a criminal client, then language appropriate for a criminal case will be inserted into the document.

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