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Florida Business Organizations

This volume, containing 70+ automated forms, provides you a convenient, single resource for all of your business organization cases. All of the forms are from The Florida Bar Legal Forms and Worksheets.

You’ll find the following entities in this volume:

This section contains almost 30 automated forms that span the life cycle of a corporation from incorporation to dissolution, including Florida Corporations and Foreign Corporations, and covers these areas:
Bylaws and Corporate Resolutions.
Bylaws and Corporate Resolutions.
Shareholder Agreements , including:
Subscription Agreements.
Right of First Refusal.
Voting Trust Agreements .
Meeting Notices , including:
Notices of Annual Meeting and Special Meeting.
Notice of Meeting of Board of Directors.
Registration of Foreign Corporations , including:
Application to Transact Business in Florida.
Registration of Foreign Corporate Name.
This section consists of more than 20 automated forms covering these areas:
General Partnerships, including:
General Partnership Agreements.
Partnership Registration Statements.
Statement of Dissolution.
Partnership Merger.
Statements of Qualification for Florida-registered Limited Liability Partnerships.
Limited Partnerships.
Statements of Qualification for Florida-registered Limited Liability Partnerships.
Foreign Limited Partnerships.
Limited Liability Companies
The Limited Liability Companies section enables you to quickly prepare the organizational and dissolution documents for filing with the Department of State, and operation and dissolution of a limited liability company.

This section includes the following areas:

Articles of Organization.
Articles of Amendment to Articles of Organization.
Articles of Dissolution.

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