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Florida Family Law Volume

You’ll discover substantial time savings when using our Family Law system, containing more than 570 automated forms that work together to generate virtually every document you’ll need for your family law cases –— from opening the case to closing documents. We’ve created this comprehensive document assembly system to save you time and to reduce the likelihood of errors, making you a more efficient attorney.

This comprehensive system makes any family law practice incredibly efficient. The 570+ automated forms in this volume include Attorney-Client materials, Pleadings, Temporary Orders, over 80 Motions and Joint Stipulations, Discovery tools, a comprehensive Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA), Judgments, an Income Deduction Order, a Pre-marital Agreement, the Supreme Court Family Law forms, and much more.

Petitions and Judgments for Dissolution
These automated documents cover all of the probable issues of a dissolution, including child support and visitation, property division, alimony, and also paternity, stepparent adoptions, and more.
Marital Settlement Agreement
Our MSA is comprehensive and covers child support, visitation, property division, alimony, and more.
Financial Affidavit
ProDoc automatically calculates assets, liabilities, income, and expenses to generate this form and fulfill Discovery requirements. The data entered here is also used in other documents.
Discovery Forms
These are automated requests for production, admissions, etc. – all you need to get what you want and provide what you must.
Pre-Marital Agreement
This document includes provisions for the marital residence, joint accounts set up for living expenses, benefits entitled to upon death of either spouse, as well as who receives what in the event of a dissolution.

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Attorney-Client Materials
These include Employment Agreements, a full complement of letters needed in your Family Law practice, as well as tools to help you collect attorney fees.
Local Circuit Court-specific Forms
The ProDoc Family Law system doesn’t stop there – we also provide you with local circuit court specific forms (e.g., parenting and visitation schedules, income deduction orders, etc.) to meet the specialized requirements of various Florida circuit courts.
And so much more!
As with every other ProDoc product, the Family Law volume is kept current with any changes in statute and case law, including legislative sessions, so your documents are always accurate!

To complement this volume, we offer our Family Law PowerPack, comprised of five programs –— Child Support Guidelines and Worksheets, Financial Affidavit, Delinquency Calculator, UCCJEA Affidavit, and Equitable Distribution System –— that enhance your practice with just a few keystrokes!

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