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Federal Criminal Defense Volume

Whether you practice criminal defense in federal court or want to expand in that area, the automated ProDoc Federal Criminal Defense volume is for you. You will find the forms you need and draft them in minutes. In fact, many users report that they are able to draft so many motions so quickly that “motion saturation of the prosecution” becomes a much stronger part of their defense strategy.

Edited by nationally-known Jack Zimmermann, this volume contains the forms for you need for every aspect of defending a federal criminal case. It covers all phases of your case from intake through post-trial.

The volume contains 150+ automated forms and includes:

94 basic forms for every aspect of defending a federal criminal case.
28 Administrative Office of the United States Courts forms.
18 Florida district courts local forms.

This comprehensive volume can be used to prepare documents for criminal cases in any Federal District Court in any state, from beginning to end. And, as with all ProDoc forms, client and case information you enter once will be used automatically in all the documents you generate for the case.

Our Federal Criminal Defense volume covers:

Attorney-Client Matters,
Arrest, Bail and Bond,
Pre-Trial Motions,
Trial Motions, and

The motions allow the option of including a Memorandum to support the motion, as well as an Order for signature by the judge. The volume also includes a shell to allow assembly of the practitioner’s original Motions with Memoranda and Orders as needed. In addition, motions can be automatically numbered in sequence, to help both the attorney and the Court keep track of the defendant’s filings.

Use our Federal Criminal Defense volume and enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that your automated forms are up-to-date and that you can produce error-free documents in minutes!

So, if you’ve been hesitant to take federal criminal defense cases, ProDoc will help you do it. Go ahead and take your criminal defense practice to federal court.

Order this volume online in the following library:

Florida Criminal Law Library

Additionally, this volume can be added to other ProDoc libraries. Visit here for more information about this option:

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