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Florida Criminal Defense Volume

Our comprehensive Criminal Defense Law volume contains almost 200 automated, general-use forms that are easy to assemble and can be used for a variety of issues in the most common areas of a criminal practice.

The volume includes a Notice of Appearance, Waiver of Right to Trial, Demand for Discovery and Jury Trial, and Admonishment to Defendant on Plea of Guilty, which are required in almost every case. You can use them, and every other ProDoc form, knowing that your automated forms are up-to-date and that you can produce error-free documents in minutes!

These are the areas of law covered by our Criminal Law volume:

DUI Defense
These are automated documents used in motion practice essential to DUI defense, including motions to suppress evidence, to secure blood and breath samples, to preserve evidence, etc.
Motions to Suppress
Includes suppressing on grounds of illegally seized evidence, no probable cause, and invalid warrants.
Pre-trial Motions and Writs
These automated documents are used in motion practice and include motion to suppress, motion of discovery, and applications for writs of habeas corpus.
These are automated documents that include notice of deposition, motion to compel discovery, motion to produce evidence and motions for sanctions, etc.
Sentencing and Probation
These include application for probation, motion for pre-sentence investigation, and motion for reconsideration of sentence.

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Arraignment and Plea
These include notice of appearance, waiver of jury trial, and admonitions to defendant.
Pre-trial Habeas Corpus
These include bail with order, double jeopardy, and charging instrument.
These include application for reimbursement expenses, request certification for out of state witness, and summons, witness of out of state proceeding.
Trial Motions
These include motions to sever offenses, to determine qualifications of expert, and notice of use of evidence.
Plea Bargains
These include waiver of charging instrument, waiver of arraignment, and waiver of right to jury trial.

As with every other ProDoc product, the Criminal Law volume is kept current with any changes in statute and case law, including legislative sessions, so your documents are always bulletproof!

Order this volume online in one of the following libraries:

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