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Florida Landlord and Tenant Volume

This volume consists of more than 40 automated forms and is based on Chapter Four of Legal Forms and Worksheets by The Florida Bar. Whether your client is the landlord or the tenant, our automated forms supply you with the flexibility you need to effectively manage your clients’ issues.

The Landlord-Tenant forms are grouped into the following broad categories:

This section includes automated forms such as Verified Complaint for Distress of Rent, Writ of Execution, Complaint for Unlawful Detainer and Forcible Entry, and Writ of Possession together with supporting motions and affidavits.
This section includes automated forms such as three- and seven-day notices from landlord to tenant, tenant notices to landlord concerning tenant's intent, Complaint for Eviction and Past Due Rent, Final Judgment, and notices concerning security deposit together with other supporting documents.
Answers and Affirmative Defenses
The Answer and Affirmative Defenses with Motion to Dismiss covers the tenant's response to the landlord's complaint for eviction. It deals with nearly every issue a tenant might want to use in defense in an eviction proceeding, including a long list of affirmative defenses and a counter-claim for monetary damages and costs.
This section contains a commercial and a residential lease. Because its automated, you can quickly tailor each lease to the specific needs of the parties.

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