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Florida Litigation Volume

Discover a better and faster way to handle your litigation matters with our automated Florida Litigation volume. It contains more than 530 procedural and substantive forms from Client Intake through Trial and Settlement, including automated discovery requests and responses.

While it contains the automated forms you need on a daily basis, this volume really shines in the way it gives you a competitive edge in your litigation matters. It levels the playing field when you compete against larger, better funded opposing counsel by enabling you to generate your documents in a fraction of the time you need today with your present forms. And, you’ll always enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your forms are up-to-date and virtually error free.

The automation we provide means, among other things, that you only have to type information one time and it’s reused in every subsequent form—for the rest of the case. Our attorney-programmers build sophisticated logic into the forms to automatically cut-and-paste the form, insert appropriate gender pronouns, and more. Many ProDoc automated forms also contain built-in error checking features to help prevent common errors.

The automated forms in this volume cover:

Motions and Orders
This volume includes more than 100 Motions and Orders that you use in the day-to-day practice of civil law. Examples include Motion for Continuance, Motion for Summary Judgment, and Motion to Amend Pleading.

You will find that the ease of drafting motions enables you to draft two, three, or more motions in the time it takes your opposing counsel to draft only one. And, you’ll find every one of them legally sufficient and accurate every time.
We’ve automated the discovery process to eliminate much of the drudgery in propounding or responding to discovery, whether it’s the Standard Interrogatories or custom discovery.

It’s also easy to object to an opponent’s discovery request using our software – just select the pertinent objections and the language will automatically appear in the response.

Our comprehensive discovery coverage also includes forms for Inspection of Premises, Examination of Person, Motions and Orders Compelling Discovery, Motions for Protective Orders, and Depositions.

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In this volume, you’ll find a shell Complaint with all of the standard party, jurisdiction, and venue provisions. You simply add your actual allegations and causes of action—and you’re done!

You’ll also discover specific complaints in this section for Motor Vehicle Negligence, UM/UIM claims, and Failure to Pay No Fault Benefits, which contain all of the necessary language you need.

Finally, we also offer a General Denial, an Original Answer, Motions to Transfer Venue, forms for Declaratory Judgment, Injunctions, and much, much more.
Expert Witnesses
We’ve included a special chapter on expert witnesses, not only to help your own experts prepare for trial, but also to discover information about—or challenge—the opposing party’s experts.
We also have a special chapter addressing settlement needs, including Proposal for Settlement/Offer of Judgment, Settlement Agreement, Release, letters to the client recommending or advising against the settlement offer made by an opposing party, and an automated Disbursal Statement to show your client the net recovery and where the money went. These forms make it easy to keep your clients informed and to document the settlement process.

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Trial Motions and Orders
You’ll find nearly every motion and order you need for trial work-up and for trial. We’ve automated these documents to save you time because you have bigger issues than drafting to concern you while you are preparing for, and during trial.

If you use a laptop computer and portable printer, you can draft the forms you need during trial, while you’re in the courtroom—it’s that easy!
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Using our automated ADR forms, you’ll find that mediation and arbitration are much simpler matters.
Fee Agreements
Of course, we didn’t forget about your fees. You’ll find three different fee agreements in this volume. They explicitly define all fees, charges, and responsibilities of you and your client(s).
We even included the correspondence that you use every day in litigation matters, covering a wide range of issues, including letters to clients, medical care providers, opposing counsel, witnesses and more. And once you have created a letter, you will have entered client and case information that you never need to enter again for the life of the case.

Most importantly, they provide you a quick and easy way to keep your clients informed and to document those efforts – all important for keeping your clients satisfied with your service.

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You can use the automated forms in this volume for any type of litigation. The forms are flexible enough that, even with complex petitions, you begin with a draft that is about 80-90% complete — and simply waiting for you to add the final details.

But, the Litigation volume also contains substantive pleadings and other specific forms for the following areas of law:

Motor Vehicle Accidents
In addition to our general personal injury coverage, our Litigation volume has a dedicated section for Motor Vehicle Accidents, which includes releases and other information-gathering tools, routine correspondence to the insurance company and the claims adjuster, and specific motor vehicle related complaints and discovery.
In the Collections area you will find demand letters, UCC forms, writs and more – a real time-saver to collect the judgment.

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Three experienced Florida litigators — Diana Santa Maria, Brian LaBovick, and Mitchell J. Lipcon — assisted us in creating the volume, by editing and suggesting content. Together, we created a powerful and useful tool to help save you time, better serve your clients, and reduce errors and malpractice exposure.

Order this volume online in one of the following libraries:

Florida General Practice Library
Florida Litigation Library

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