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Florida Probate Volume

You will save precious hours of your time on every probate matter using our exclusive automated Probate system.

The ProDoc Probate system is based on the FLSSI1 forms authored by the Forms Committee of the Real Property, Probate, and Trust Law Section of The Florida Bar. With almost 200 automated forms, this system supplies the most comprehensive probate tools for your practice. Our system covers everything from opening an administration to closing one, whether formal or abbreviated.

Our automated Probate System covers the following areas:

Estate Opening and Administration Forms
These automated documents cover the handling of an estate from start to finish, including:
Petition for Administration,
Notice of Administration
Accountings, and
Petition of Determine Homestead Status
Petition and Order of Discharge.
    We provide the specialized forms required for Summary (Abbreviated) Administration as well as Formal Administration, including forms for residents and non-residents of Florida, both testate and intestate.
Florida Tax Forms
In addition to FLSSI1 forms, the Probate Volume includes:
DR 301,
DR 312 (Affidavit of No Florida Tax Due), and
F-706 (Florida EState Tax Form)
    to handle the state tax forms that are most helpful in handling an estate. As is true with the other ProDoc Probate forms, the Florida tax forms receive and share information to avoid the need to enter the same data twice.
Homestead Tax Forms
The Probate volume also includes 11 forms for handling homestead issues arising during administration.

To complement this volume, we offer the Probate PowerPack program. The Probate PowerPack organizes all of the important probate information and deadlines for your client.

Order this volume online in one of the following libraries:

Florida General Practice Library
Florida Office Practice Library
Florida Estate Planning Library
Florida FLSSI Library

1 The forms in this volume are derived from forms prepared by the Forms Committee of the Real Property, Probate, and Trust Law Section of The Florida Bar and contained in the Florida Lawyers Support Services, Inc. (FLSSI) Manual. These forms are created and maintained by leading experts in their field and recognized as the standard in probate courts throughout Florida.

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