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Florida Real Estate Volume

Our Real Estate system is derived from the FLSSI1 forms authored by the Forms Committee of the Real Property, Probate, and Trust Law Section of The Florida Bar. Our Real Estate document assembly system contains more than 100 automated forms and provides comprehensive forms that cover most real estate transactions such as the FAR/BAR Contract and riders, which are required for almost every real estate transaction in Florida.

Our automated Real Estate volume covers the following areas:

FAR/BAR Contract and Riders
The basic contract, option to purchase, disclosure addenda, necessary riders, and myriad additional provisions to cover the needs and contingencies of real estate transfer are part of this volume.
A fee simple deed, general warranty deed, special warranty deed, statutory warranty deed, quit-claim deed, personal representative’s deed, trustee’s deed, and easement deed make it easy to cover a wide range of deed requirements.
Included in this section are mortgages, a mortgage and security agreement, mortgage and promissory notes, partial releases, and documents for satisfaction of, assignment of and guarantee of a mortgage.
Closing and Title
In addition to a checklist for all documents needed for closing, this section includes documents to verify buyer inspection, allocate closing costs and affidavits to cover various closing issues.
Construction Liens
More than 25 forms covering the payment, lien, notice, waiver, release, and accounting issues associated with construction loans are included in this section of the volume.
Reciprocal Easement for Adjoining Landowners
Finally, to fully round out the system, we’ve also included UCC documents and the HUD-1 Settlement Statement, which is required in every real estate closing.

Order this volume online in one of the following libraries:

Florida General Practice Library
Florida Office Practice Library
Florida FLSSI Library

1 The forms in this volume are derived from forms prepared by the Forms Committee of the Real Property, Probate, and Trust Law Section of The Florida Bar and contained in the Florida Lawyers Support Services, Inc. (FLSSI) Manual. These forms are created and maintained by leading experts in their field and recognized as the standard in probate courts throughout Florida.

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