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Integrating document assembly software into your practice is the single most cost effective way to dramatically boost your efficiency and productivity. The reason is because document assembly software eliminates the inefficient and error-prone manual method of cut-and-paste, search-and-replace method traditionally used by attorneys.

Efficiency continues to become more and more urgent as competition and client expectations place increasing demands on law firms, particularly smaller firms with limited budgets.

What Is Document Assembly?
The Three Basic Document Assembly Options
How Can You Benefit from Document Assembly?
Why ProDoc?
Other Resources: What Document Assembly Can Do for You

What is Document Assembly?

A document assembly software program is a software program that automates the preparation of legal documents. The term is quite generic and covers a broad range of document assembly options and capabilities.

Document assembly in any form is much more intensive than forms-on-disk programs. Even the simplest document assembly programs consist of a series of questions that the user answers, and the software then creates the completed document. Normally, these completed documents open in the user’s word processor and can then be edited as any normal document. 

A document assembly software system consists of three elements:

A database that stores data that is unique for each client and case.
Templates that consist of boilerplate and merge codes that tell the assembly engine where to cut and paste the paragraphs and insert data.
More sophisticated systems, such as ProDoc, include logic operators which allow the templates to deduce answers, perform logic checks, delete irrelevant questions, and more, and
The assembly engine that cuts and pastes the document and merges the data into the document.

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Your Three Basic Document Assembly Options

Purchase an automation system and program your own forms.
Requires time and effort to learn to program.
Requires even more time to perform the programming.
Requires time and effort to update the forms as laws change.
Requires time and effort to train new programmers if you delegate the responsibility.
Forms may not be as sophisticated as a professional program.
Purchase a low-tech system, which is a combination of the document assembly engine and pre-programmed forms templates.
Forms come ready to use – no programming needed by you.
Forms should be updated by the vendor – not you.
Depending on the software, forms can be quite sophisticated.
Much more cost-efficient in the long-run.
Obtain an "expert system" document assembly system, such as ProDoc.
All of the advantages of option 2, above.
Complex logic programmed into the forms to eliminate unnecessary questions.
"Error trapping" built in to further reduce errors.
Additional time-saving features programmed into the software.
Provide the greatest efficiency document assembly.

Expect the price to increase as you go from Level 1 to Level 3. The degree of efficiency will increase exponentially for the average user as you make the progression.

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How You Can Benefit from Document Assembly

Increased productivity.
Better communication.
Better organization.
Better service for clients.
Increased revenues.
Decreased expenses.
And more.

Attorneys often become so overwhelmed by their technology options that they sometimes lose sight of the basics. Research has recently shown that, on average:

42 percent of a small firm attorney’s time is spent doing paperwork,
67 percent of a small firm’s staff time is spent doing paperwork.

Therefore, the single, most effective technology to adopt in a law firm is document assembly software. A quality document assembly system, such as ProDoc, can reduce the time needed to draft legal documents up to an astonishing 80 percent.

There is no other single technology, except the computer itself, that can so dramatically boost the efficiency and reduce expenses in a busy law practice.

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Why ProDoc?

ProDoc was never intended to simply be a document assembly software program. Alan Schoolcraft, its creator, a practicing attorney, understood the need for a system that did far more than just help to fill in the blanks. Attorneys need a system that is capable of processing complex logic that intelligently helps to create and complete legal documents accurately and efficiently. ProDoc's unique, patented process was created solely for that purpose. For example:

ProDoc determines which questions need to be asked and then builds a completed document in a fraction of the normal time.  Your documents flow logically; names, addresses, and dates are uniform throughout, and the spelling is correct. (There are no more of those embarrassing  "search and replace" mistakes.)
ProDoc simplifies document assembly.  With our smart forms, you won't have to search for the right documents to use.  Instead, you and your staff will enjoy the ease of finding document listings for each library volume.
ProDoc contains a Client/Case database that automatically inserts information into subsequent documents without having to reenter any data.  In other words, every document that leaves your office will reflect the perfectionist in you - no more worrying about the details.
ProDoc allows you to set default answers to minimize data entry.
ProDoc allows you to create forms sets so you can draft multiple documents simultaneously.
ProDoc allows you to customize the formatting of your final documents.
ProDoc allows you to edit the master templates so you can make permanent changes to suit your preferences.
ProDoc allows you to create a library of your favorite clauses and easily insert them as needed.
ProDoc forms systems are finished systems covering multiple areas of law.
ProDoc forms are created and updated by our in-house staff of attorneys and automatically sent to users in regular updates.
ProDoc is easy to use - most users are able to draft documents within 15 minutes of installing it.
ProDoc provides numerous, free training options for you and your staff.
ProDoc provides unlimited, toll-free telephone technical support for subscribers.

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