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Florida Family Law PowerPack

Maximize the efficiency of your ProDoc Family Law volume with our Family Law PowerPack! The programs contained in the PowerPack integrate seamlessly with ProDoc. Now you can enter virtually every bit of information you use in a family law matter – only once – for the life of the case! This adjunct to the Family Law volume consists of several powerful programs that enhance your practice and enable you to better serve your clients.

Child Support Guidelines Worksheet

Easily compute child support obligations by calculating taxes and other deductions (including the “40% Rule") to generate the required Child Support Guidelines Worksheet. And, since we design everything in ProDoc to be “single-entry of data”, the information you enter in the Financial Affidavit automatically flows into the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet, and vice versa.

Financial Affidavits

Quickly generate financial affidavits and fulfill Discovery requirements. ProDoc calculates assets, liabilities, income, and expenses to generate this form, and the information is also saved for use in other documents! (e.g., Marital Settlement Agreement, Child Support Guidelines Worksheet, or Judgment.)

Tax Calculator

You’ll find this program within the Financial Affidavit and in the Child Support Guidelines. Enter your client’s basic deduction and expense data, and the program automatically calculates the tax liability in the Financial Affidavit and/or the net income for child support obligations in the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet.

Equitable Distribution System

This program, which uses all of the property information gathered for the Financial Affidavit, enables you to allocate marital and non-marital property, determine the assignment of each asset and debt, and calculate the total values going to each party. You’re even able to run multiple scenarios, testing various plans to see which is more advantageous for your client. Of course, because this is a ProDoc product, the allotment you settle on will also flow into every other document where it’s needed, including a Marital Settlement Agreement or a Judgment – both of which can be assembled directly from the program.

Delinquency Calculator

The Delinquency Calculator is used to record child support, alimony, judgment obligations, and payments towards those obligations. After entering specific information using the different tabs for General Information, Child Support, Alimony, Payments, and Judgment, you can print a Summary, Full Report, or Delinquent Obligation Report.

UCCJEA (Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act) Affidavit

You now have the option of assembling this essential form directly from this new program or through the regular document assembly system.

The UCCJEA Affidavit program allows you to enter all the requisite information about addresses and prior cases affecting the children in a user friendly data entry format instead of following the linear approach of the form assembly process. Of course, whether you enter the information with this new program or the traditional document assembly process, it’s all captured and saved in your case file for use in all other forms.

To order this PowerPack online you must first order the Family Law volume in one of the following libraries:

Florida General Practice Library
Florida Office Practice Library
Florida Family Law Library

For information about adding the Florida Family Law PowerPack to your ProDoc library, visit here:

Florida Family Law PowerPack

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