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Florida Probate PowerPack

ProDoc's Probate Powerpack, integrated with our automated Probate volume, creates a truly awesome combination.

The Probate PowerPack complements our Probate volume by automating the tedium of probate accountings and inventories. You’ll find that our sophisticated Probate tools listed below greatly reduce the time it takes to generate even the most complex documents — simplifying your life and dramatically saving time.

Probate Inventory
Easily create estate inventories by simply entering all the necessary information once in a simple-to-use spreadsheet. ProDoc then automatically calculates the value of the estate, completely eliminating manual calculations – and potential errors.

Probate Accounting
Use this feature for final and annual accountings. You can enter information relating to the estate’s assets; receipts, disbursements attorney’s fees, distributions, capital transactions, remaining assets, etc. ProDoc handles all of the associated calculations for you and generates the necessary reports and documents.

Probate Management System
Organize all of the important probate information for your clients, including decedent, court, and beneficiary information. A creditor matrix shows the status of all claims against the estate. The Probate Management System will also calculate important deadlines including Estate Tax Return and creditor claim due dates.

Finally, the Probate Management System includes a certified mailer program for those all-important notices — you’ll never again have to manually type those green cards again. As with all ProDoc products, the information entered into the Probate Management System is shared with the ProDoc Probate volume, so you never have to type in the same information twice.

To order this PowerPack online you must first order the Probate volume in one of the following libraries:

Florida General Practice Library
Florida Office Practice Library
Florida Estate Planning Library
Florida FLSSI Library

For information about adding the Florida Probate PowerPack to your ProDoc library, visit here:

Florida Probate PowerPack

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