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You will save many hours of valuable time each week with our easy-to-use products. Those products include our California-, Florida-, and Texas-specific document assembly systems along with our special purpose PowerPacks and our practice management software (Small Office Suite).

Together, they enable you to maximize your firm's efficiency by automating your document drafting... and helping you master your law practice. No other legal software program comes close to giving you the time-savings these products bring to your practice.

Document Assembly Software
Small Office Suite
Certified Mailer

Document Assembly Software

The process of generating legal documents is the single most time-consuming process in your firm. Like a thirsty sponge, it soaks up an average of 60% of a firm's support staff time and 40% of the attorney's time.

In addition to saving you time, our service will:

  • Reduce your errors and malpractice exposure,
  • Help you better serve your clients, and
  • Boost your firm's revenues.

Simply stated... ProDoc document assembly software makes your life easier!

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Our PowerPacks are special-purpose software tools for specific areas of law.

The PowerPacks are completely integrated into their respective volumes so you enter information only once. ProDoc prepares all the computations automatically, and the data is then available for use in any reports and documents that utilize the data.

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More about our Florida Family Law PowerPack >>
More about our Florida Probate PowerPack >>
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Small Office Suite (SOS®)

SOS will completely revolutionize your practice. It gives you a much greater degree of control because nearly every bit of information about your clients and their cases is at your fingertips. And, if your firm's computers are networked, that same information is also available to every member of your firm, increasing the efficiency and productivity of everyone working on the case.

More about Small Office Suite >>

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Certified Mailer Program

While we do not consider the Certified Mailer to be one of our major products, it is an integral and powerful feature in ProDoc. The ProDoc Certified Mailer feature makes it easy to print labels for certified mail. You only need a printer and certified mailer forms. You can select contacts from your database to include in the mailing and add addressees who are not in your database. The program does
the rest.

More about our Certified Mailer Program >>

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