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Texas Family Law PowerPack

Maximize the efficiency of your ProDoc Family Law volume with our Family Law PowerPack! The programs contained in the PowerPack integrate seamlessly with ProDoc. Now, you enter — only once — all of the information you use in your family law matters... for the life of each case! This adjunct to the Family Law volume consists of seven powerful programs that save you time and enable you to better serve your clients.

Child Support Calculator

Easily compute child support obligations according to the guidelines in the Texas Family Code. And, since we design everything in ProDoc to be “single-entry of data”, the information you enter in the Child Support Calculator automatically is saved for reuse in the case documents you generate.

Divorce Inventory
Quickly generate divorce inventories and fulfill Discovery requirements. This program provides a way to quickly and easily identify, then manipulate, all property in the marital estate!

Our Divorce Inventory program performs these functions:

  • Marital Property Inventory – Generate an inventory of community and separate property, children's property, and trust assets. ProDoc uses this data to create the Inventory and Appraisement.
  • Proposed Division of Property – Indicate how the marital estate should be divided. ProDoc uses this data to create the Suggested Division of Community Property.
  • Division of Property – Identify the property awarded to each spouse. ProDoc uses this data when creating the property section of the Final Decree.
  • Multiple Scenarios - Create multiple "what if" scenarios to determine the most advantageous allocation of assets.

ProDoc reuses this saved data when creating the property section of the Final Decree of Divorce.

UCCJEA (Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act) Affidavit
The UCCJEA Affidavit program enables you to enter all the requisite information about addresses and prior cases affecting the children in a user friendly data entry format instead of following the linear approach of the form assembly process. Of course, whether you enter the information with this new program or the traditional document assembly process, it’s all captured and saved in your case file for use in all other forms.

Delinquency Support Calculator
The Delinquency Support Calculator calculates the remaining balance of unpaid delinquent obligations and interest when an obligor has failed to make timely payments. It also enables you to enter the amount of a judgment for delinquent child support (confirmed obligation) plus the applicable interest rates. After entering specific information using the different tabs for Obligations, Payments, Judgments, and Debits, you can print a Summary or a Full Report of the delinquency obligation.

Child Possession Calendaring
The Child Possession Calendar stops those Friday afternoon calls from former clients asking you to arbitrate child possession for the weekend. It does so by enabling you to quickly generate your standard possession provisions for all documents, including all temporary and final orders, either through the Calendaring program or directly through ProDoc. Then, print yearly possession calendars for your clients to keep at home.

Obligation Amortization
The Amortization Calculator calculates when a known child support delinquency will be paid off based on the how much is to be paid each month.

Payment Splitter
The Payment Splitter calculates the required semi-monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly payment of a known monthly obligation.

You will find that whether you handle scores of divorces annually or only one or two, the Family Law PowerPack will pay for itself many times over in time saved, peace of mind from knowing everything is calculated correctly, and better client service.

To order this PowerPack online you must first order the Family Law volume in one of the following libraries:

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and then add your Family Law PowerPack order online at:

Texas Family Law PowerPack

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