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Florida Family Law Marital Settlement

Our Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) is the most comprehensive document of its kind available in Florida. And yet, because of our powerful programming features built into the form, it is the easiest and fastest way to draft your MSAs. This manual provides more detailed information about generating your MSAs.

The ProDoc Florida Family Law MSA Manual is available for download in PDF* format. You can print, search (CTRL-F) for text, and more. It provides detailed guidelines for using each of the features in this MSA:

  • Parental responsibility,
  • Visitation scheduling,
  • Other children's issues,
  • Home, real estate, and mortgages,
  • Division of property and liabilities,
  • Alimony, and
  • Other issues and provisions.

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*You need Adobe® Reader® in order to view this document. Click here to download and install it if it is not available on your computer.

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