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Training Policies

ProDoc is so easy to use that you may be tempted to believe that you do not need to take our free training. But, without taking our training you'll probably never learn the benefits of many of our subtle document assembly system features. So, you may never realize how ProDoc can save huge amounts of time for your practice every day. The purpose of training is to help you quickly and easily adopt ProDoc’s time-saving benefits into your practice.

What Can I expect to Learn from ProDoc Training?
First and foremost, you and your staff can expect to learn how to use ProDoc, our document assembly system.

Through the use of programmed logic and document management features, ProDoc allows the user to assemble a document with appropriate language and format, based on answers to questions that have been drafted by our experts. As with most intelligently written software, ProDoc allows the user to store preferences and use short-cuts that make the process as efficient as possible. ProDoc training helps the user to understand the available preference choices, short-cuts and how to get the most from them in any particular practice

Who is eligible to receive training?
Any ProDoc account in good standing may request free training. Essentially, ProDoc is willing to train any of your staff who potentially may be a user of ProDoc’s software applications.

How to register for free ProDoc Training
Call our training team at 800-759-5418, select the training option, and ask to be scheduled for a training. Our team will work to find a training time and date that works for you.

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