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Tips & Tricks for Using ProDoc

We've built many features into ProDoc to help you save time and boost efficiency. You will find several below. Be sure to contact our Customer Support team for free training on these — and many more — features, to make your work load even easier.

Using the Contact Manager
Contact Manager enables you to easily manage client and case information. With Contact Manager, you enter client information once and it will be used every time you assemble documents for that client. You can also input an unlimited number of clients and each client can have an unlimited number of cases.

Setting Up and Using Default Answers
Typing your firm's name and address every time you assemble a set of documents can waste a large amount of time. In ProDoc you can set "default answers" which automatically answer questions the first time they are asked for each case. For example, if you set "Smith & Associates" as the default answer for the question that asks for your firm's name, when the question is first asked, "Smith & Associates" will already be filled in as the answer.

Using Case Files to Save and Reuse Answers
If you will take just a few minutes to learn how to use case files, you will save many hours of typing every month. In ProDoc, you can easily save the answers you enter while creating documents, so that the next time you assemble documents for that same case, ProDoc will "remember" your answers and you won't have to retype them.

Using Locator Fields
ProDoc has many windows that list scrollable information, such as your list of clients and the list of forms in a volume. These lists are called Browses because you can browse through the list and make a selection.

Some volumes have hundreds of forms and most offices have hundreds or thousands of clients. It is very tedious to have to scroll through these lists in order to select the client or form you want. There is a better way.

Setting Up Automatic Footers for Your Documents
Most users don't realize how easy it is to set up custom headers and footers in ProDoc. Once the custom headers and footers are set they will automatically be inserted into your assembled documents.

Finding the Right Form
In order to help you find the form(s) you need fast, ProDoc has provided a global search feature.
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