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Texas Adoptions and Paternity Volume

We've made Adoptions matters much simpler and faster by automating these content-intensive forms.

The ProDoc Adoptions volume contains more than 70 automated forms covering not only Adoptions, but also Termination and Paternity.

While the volume includes the forms in the State Bar of Texas' Family Law Practice Manual1, you’ll also receive automated local forms and agency, i.e. Texas Vital Statistics, forms.

In addition to all the necessary petitions and orders, our complete Adoptions package also includes a variety of ancillary forms, such as affidavits, notices, and ad litem forms.

We group our automated Adoptions forms into the following broad categories:

Termination and Adoption
You will find here petitions and orders to terminate a parent-child relationship, adopt a child, and terminate a parent-child relationship so a stepchild adoption can occur. Also included are other necessary documents, such as Waivers of Interest, Voluntary Relinquishment of Parental Rights, and needed home screening documents.
In this section you will find the petitions, orders, and motions required in paternity matters. In addition to pleadings, temporary orders, and final orders, we also include the Acknowledgment of Paternity, Notice of Intent to Claim Paternity, and Motion and Order for Genetic Testing.
Foreign Adoption
This volume also contains the Petition and Order Recognizing a Foreign Adoption.

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We integrate this volume into the Family Law volume so that all the client and case information you save is freely available to all Family Law and Adoptions matters for the client. This saves you a tremendous amount of time whether you handle only occasional adoption matters or many.

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1 This document-assembly system is not a product of the State Bar of Texas and is not endorsed by the state bar. The material in this system is provided by ProDoc, Inc. under a license from the State Bar of Texas, which took no part in producing the system. The license agreement between ProDoc, Inc. and the State Bar of Texas contains specific disclaimers of the State Bar’s liability with regard to the system and its contents, to which interested persons should refer. The material in this system is also contained in Texas Real Estate Forms Manual, Texas Family Law Practice Manual, 3rd ed., Texas Collections Manual, 3rd ed., Texas Foreclosure Manual, 2nd ed., Texas Pattern Jury Charges, published by the State Bar of Texas, and is intended for use in conjunction with those publications.

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