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Texas Family Law Volume

Use our Family Law volume and enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that your automated forms are up-to-date and that you can produce error-free documents in minutes!

Nearly all Texas Family Law attorneys agree on one thing: “You just can’t practice Family Law in Texas without ProDoc!” In fact, 65% of the Family Law SuperLawyers are ProDoc subscribers.

The reason is because you experience substantial time savings when using our Family Law system, which contains more than 790 automated forms, including all the forms from the State Bar of Texas' Family Law Practice Manual1 and the Family Law Pattern Jury Charges. They work together to generate virtually every document you’ll need for your family law cases – from opening the case to an appeal.

We created this comprehensive document assembly system to save you time and to reduce the likelihood of errors, making you a more efficient attorney. Our automated Family Law library covers the following broad categories:

Petitions and Final Orders
These automated documents cover all of the probable issues of a divorce, suit affecting the parent-child relationship (SAPCR) or modification of a SAPCR, including property division, conservatorship, child support, visitation, and more.
Divorce Inventory
Once you enter the appropriate information, ProDoc automatically calculates assets, liabilities, income, and expenses, to generate this form. And, the information is saved for use in other documents, including the Decree!
Discovery forms
These are automated requests for production, admissions, etc. — everything you need to get what you want while providing only what you must.
These forms include all of the documents you would need to enforce an order pertaining to property, spousal maintenance, child support or possession of and access to children.
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Grandparent Access
We include all the forms needed for grandparents to seek access to grandchildren or intervene in a suit involving grandchildren.
Pattern Jury Charges
Over 70 pattern jury charges, including the charge itself for any type of family or adoption matter.
Attorney-Client Matters
These include Employment Agreements, a full complement of letters needed in your Family Law practice, as well as tools to help you collect attorney fees.
Local Forms
We also provide you with many local county and agency forms to meet your needs.

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To complement the Family Law volume, we offer our Family Law PowerPack, comprised of eight programs that enhance your practice with just a few keystrokes!

Whether you focus on Family Law matters or handle only an occasional one, you will find the time savings to be so dramatic that ProDoc pays for itself for the entire year on a single case.

Order this volume online in one of the following library options:

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Texas Family Law Library

1 This document-assembly system is not a product of the State Bar of Texas and is not endorsed by the state bar. The material in this system is provided by ProDoc, Inc. under a license from the State Bar of Texas, which took no part in producing the system. The license agreement between ProDoc, Inc. and the State Bar of Texas contains specific disclaimers of the State Bar’s liability with regard to the system and its contents, to which interested persons should refer. The material in this system is also contained in Texas Real Estate Forms Manual, Texas Family Law Practice Manual, 3rd ed., Texas Collections Manual, 3rd ed., Texas Foreclosure Manual, 2nd ed., Texas Pattern Jury Charges, published by the State Bar of Texas, and is intended for use in conjunction with those publications.

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