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Texas Foreclosures Volume

You will find everything you need in this volume to handle foreclosure matters for your clients. Whether routine for you or as a favor to a client, you will handle foreclosure matters quickly and efficiently with this automated volume.

ProDoc's Foreclosures volume contains all of the forms from the State Bar of Texas' Foreclosure Manual, 2nd ed.1 . It contains more than 70 automated forms, enabling you to handle real estate foreclosures from the beginning of the case to the very end, and includes the following:

Attorney-Client Relations
You’ll find here the engagement letters, Appointment of Substitute Trustee, questionnaires and checklists you need to set up a new matter.
Collecting the Debt
At your fingertips you’ll find your demand letters, acceleration and foreclosure sale notices.
Background Searches
Of course we provide a Checklist for Pre-Foreclosure Title Update and Lien Search, tax information and UCC search request letters, and IRS letters.
Judicial Foreclosures
For those situations where non-judicial foreclosure isn’t a good fit for your facts, we provide the Petition, Order of Sale, Notice of Sale, Bill of Costs and Sheriff’s Deed for a Judicial Foreclosure.
Alternatives to Foreclosure
Naturally, you’ll also need the Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure and Reinstatement Agreement.
Conducting the Sale
Finally, we provide automated instruction letters, an Indemnity Agreement, the Transcript for Foreclosure Sale, and the Foreclosure Sale Deed.

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Use our Foreclosures volume and enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that your automated forms are up-to-date and that you can produce error-free documents in minutes!

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1 This document-assembly system is not a product of the State Bar of Texas and is not endorsed by the state bar. The material in this system is provided by ProDoc, Inc. under a license from the State Bar of Texas, which took no part in producing the system. The license agreement between ProDoc, Inc. and the State Bar of Texas contains specific disclaimers of the State Bar’s liability with regard to the system and its contents, to which interested persons should refer. The material in this system is also contained in Texas Real Estate Forms Manual, Texas Family Law Practice Manual, 3rd ed., Texas Collections Manual, 3rd ed., Texas Foreclosure Manual, 2nd ed., Texas Pattern Jury Charges, published by the State Bar of Texas, and is intended for use in conjunction with those publications.

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