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Texas Guardianship Volume

Now, you can quickly and accurately assemble the forms necessary to appoint a guardian, to administer the ward's person or estate, and to close the guardianship when the guardianship is no longer warranted. The solution is the ProDoc Guardianship volume.

This volume is a comprehensive suite of more than 100 automated forms – including inventories and annual accountings – that can be used to manage the ward's estate from inception of the guardianship to final closure.

The Guardianship forms are grouped into the following broad categories:

Initiating Appointment of Guardian
Including Application and Order to Appoint Temporary or Permanent Guardian, Appointment of Resident Agent, Oath of Guardian, Order Declaring Incapacity, and Order Increasing or Decreasing Guardian's Powers.
Including Inventory, Appraisement and List of Claims, and Order Approving or Disapproving the Inventory.
General Administration Documents
Including Application and Order for Creating Management Trust and Management Trust Agreement.
Management and Disposition of Property
Including Applications, Orders and Reports For Sale of Real and Personal Property; Application and Order Authorizing Rental of Property; and Application and Order Authorizing Lease of Mineral Rights.
Management of Funds
Including Applications and Orders to Set Monthly Allowance, Pay Expenses and Attorney's Fees, Authorizing Reimbursement or Guardian's Commission; Application, Order, and Report On Investments; Application and Order to Retain Counsel; and Application to Make Investment or Retain Asset.
Annual Reports and Accounting
Including Annual Report From the Guardian of the Person, Annual Account of the Guardian of the Estate, Application and Order to Waive Annual Accounts, Account For Final Settlement of Permanent Guardian, and Orders Approving Final Accounting and Distribution of Estate and Closing the Guardianship.
Closing Guardianships
Including Application and Order to Close Guardianship and Discharge Bond.

Use this volume and enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that your automated forms are up-to-date and that you can produce error-free Guardianship documents in minutes!

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