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Texas Litigation Volume

The ProDoc Litigation volume levels the playing field for small firms against the big ones. Small firms can now go toe-to-toe against the big firms and their unlimited resources. That’s because our automated documents make document generation so fast that a single secretary with ProDoc out-produces the support team of the large firms.

This automated system encompasses all areas of litigation. We’ve automated more than 1,150 procedural forms from client intake through appeal.

We’ve also automated discovery requests and responses for your specific causes of action. Since ProDoc assembles boilerplate documents in mere minutes, it frees up much more time for you to focus on the details of your case.

Additionally, the Litigation system contains the State Bar of Texas' Collections Manual 3rd Ed.1, selections from the Texas Pattern Jury Charges1, and also includes substantive pleadings in areas listed below. We've also included agency forms from the EEOC, TWC, and the Department of Motor Vehicles, as well as the Proof of Claim for Bankruptcy, and numerous UCC forms.

The automated forms in this volume cover:

You will find the letters here that you use every day in litigation matters. And, when you use these letters, you are entering client and case information that is never entered again for the life of the case.
Motions Practice
You will find that the ease of drafting motions enables you to draft two, three, or more motions in the time it takes your opposing counsel to draft only one.
We include orders with nearly every motion to save you even more time.
Discovery (general and specific for each particular type of claim)
We’ve automated the discovery process to eliminate much of the drudgery from discovery. This feature alone will save you many hours on every case.
We specifically offer a shell petition with all of the standard jurisdiction, discovery control plan, identification of parties, service, and standard damage requests. You type in your facts and any specific causes of action to quickly create a unique pleading for you case.

We also offer a general denial, as well as an original answer, that includes special exceptions, motion to transfer venue, a plea to the jurisdiction, and counterclaims.
Trial work-up Motions and Orders
We’ve automated these documents to save you time because you have bigger issues than drafting these documents to concern you.
Motions and Orders for Use in Trial
If you use a laptop computer, you can draft the motions during trial — they’re that easy!
Post-Trial Documents
All your judgments, motions for JNOV, mistrial, Findings of Fact, and Conclusions of Law, etc. are at your fingertips. And remember, since ProDoc saves all the case data, you enter very little new information to draft these documents.

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Pattern Jury Charges
It’s now so easy to draft the State Bar of Texas Pattern Jury Charges1 that you can draft them at the start of any litigation matter, not just your big ones. And, of course, all the jury charges for damages are included. You will often find that reviewing all of the jury charges provides you with insight into new causes of action. Or, they may remind you of all of the elements needed for a particular cause of action.
Mandamus and Appeal
Everything you need to begin your appeal process is at your fingertips here. And, remember that most of the data is already in there so these documents practically write themselves.
Alternative Dispute Resolutions
You’ll find that mediation and other dispute resolution procedures are now a much simpler matter with our automation of the documents you need.
Settlement Documents
They’re all in there too.
  13. Bill of Review Documents
Also all in there.
  14. Declaratory Judgment Documents
Yes, they’re in there too.
Foreign Judgment Documents
Of course they’re in there.

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Use the automated forms in this volume for any type of litigation. The forms are flexible enough that, even with complex petitions, you begin with a draft that is about 80-90% complete — and simply waiting for you to add the final details.

But, the Litigation volume also contains substantive pleadings and other specific forms for the following areas of law:

Motor Vehicle Accidents
Contains the letters you need including the Demand for PIP forms, Medical Records Request, Stowers Letter, and DPS forms SR42 and SR 62, etc. It also contains the petitions and the discovery documents you need — all automated to save you time.
Deceptive Trade Practices Act
Contains letters such as the Notice of Claim and Response to Notice of Claim. Also contains seven different automated pleadings and four different automated discovery documents. In your pleadings you can choose to include any or all of the different DTPA claims.
Premises Liability
Contains correspondence letter, discovery documents and a petition —all automated to save you time.
Medical Malpractice
Contains letters such as Treating Physician – Request Records, Medical Records Request, etc. Also contains Requests for Production and Interrogatories - Medical Malpractice in addition to the Petition. Finally, contains many other critical forms such as the Affidavit Confirming Existence of Expert’s Opinion and the Motion to Exclude, etc.
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Products Liability
Contains correspondence letter, discovery documents and a petition —all automated to save you time.
Contains the letters you need to correspond with the EEOC, and Texas Workforce Commission as well as 14 different demand letters and settlement documents. Also contains eight petitions each for state and federal litigation covering all areas of discrimination claims. All are automated to save you time.
This section contains all of the forms in the State Bar of Texas’ Texas Collections Manual, 3rd ed.1 , all automated to save you time.

1 This document-assembly system is not a product of the State Bar of Texas and is not endorsed by the state bar. The material in this system is provided by ProDoc, Inc. under a license from the State Bar of Texas, which took no part in producing the system. The license agreement between ProDoc, Inc. and the State Bar of Texas contains specific disclaimers of the State Bar’s liability with regard to the system and its contents, to which interested persons should refer. The material in this system is also contained in Texas Real Estate Forms Manual, Texas Family Law Practice Manual, 3rd ed., Texas Collections Manual, 3rd ed., Texas Foreclosure Manual, 2nd ed., Texas Pattern Jury Charges, published by the State Bar of Texas, and is intended for use in conjunction with those publications.

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