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Texas Probate Volume

You will breeze through Probate matters with the automated ProDoc Probate volume. You will find that the tedium of drafting documents for your probate matters has been entirely eliminated with this volume.

Our Probate volume includes more than 210 forms which can be used to initiate and manage the probate process from the application to probate through distribution of assets and closure of estate administration.

A full range of documents are available to administer an estate independently, dependently, as a small estate, as a muniment of title, or under an heirship proceeding. Included are applications to have an independent administration of an intestate estate, an estate with a non-independent executor, or an estate without a named executor.

The Probate forms are grouped into the following broad categories:

Including Client Information Worksheet; Letters to Bank, Broker, Creditor, IRS; Motion and Order to Open Safe Deposit Box; Motion and Order to Substitute Counsel Transfer Venue; and Transmittal Letters to the Client, Beneficiaries and the Clerk of Court.
Independent Administration
Including Applications and Orders to Probate Will Under Sections 145(B), (C), (D) and (E) of the Probate Code; Proofs of Death, Handwriting, Subscribing Witness; Application and Order to Remove Executor; Irrevocable Stock and Bond Powers; Disclaimer of Interest; Inventory, Appraisement and List of Claims; Applications and Orders for Family Allowance, to Set Aside Exempt Property, for Allowance in Lieu of Exempt Property; Petition, Application for Accounting and Distribution; Final Account; and Application and Order to Close Independent Administration.
Muniment of Title
Including Application and Order for Probate as Muniment of Title; Proof of Death and Other Facts; Affidavit of Fulfillment of Terms of Will; and Irrevocable Stock and Bond Powers.

From the Client Worksheet (to facilitate gathering client information) to Receipt of Estate Assets and Release (to close the matter), you will find that probate matters have become much less tedious with the ProDoc Probate volume.

Use this volume and enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that your automated forms are up-to-date and that you can produce error-free documents in minutes!

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