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Texas Real Estate Volume

The ProDoc Real Estate document assembly system contains more than 350 automated forms, including all of the forms from the State Bar of Texas' Real Estate Forms Manual1, all Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) forms, UCC forms, and HUD-1 Settlement Statements.

ProDoc enables you to draft entire sets of related documents (i.e. mortgage, note and deed of trust) simultaneously and assures you of consistency and accuracy by saving and reusing case data where needed. This saves you a tremendous amount of time and virtually eliminates the embarrassment of misspelled names, etc. in your real estate documents.

Our system covers almost every area of a residential real estate practice and is organized into the following broad categories:

A fee simple deed, general warranty deed, special warranty deed, statutory warranty deed, quit-claim deed, personal representative’s deed, trustee’s deed, and easement deed make it easy to cover a wide range of deed requirements.
Included in this section are mortgages, a mortgage and security agreement, mortgage and promissory notes, partial releases, and documents for satisfaction of, assignment of and guarantee of a mortgage.
Contracts for Deeds
The volume contains all the forms you need from drafting contracts to deed through foreclosure.
This section provides lease forms for nearly every major need from residential through grazing leases along with sub-lease forms and various notices.
Foreclosure Documents
You will find in this section the most commonly used forms to handle foreclosure matters for your clients from this volume.
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Sales Contracts
All purchase agreements and the related addendums promulgated by the Texas Real Estate Commission.
Security Agreements
Included are forms for business, non-business, and agricultural uses.
This section contains the Disclosure Statement, Notice of Right to Cancel, and the Amount Financed Itemization.
Construction Financing
This section contains the forms you need for construction financing including the Disclosure Statement, Residential Construction Contract, Change Order, Waiver of the List of Sub-contractors and Suppliers.
Mechanic's Lien Forms
This section contains the forms you need for contractual and involuntary mechanics liens.
Home Equity Loan Documents
All the forms you need for handling home equity loans in Texas.
UCC Forms
It includes 8 UCC forms, including the financing statement and the information request.
HUD-1 Settlement Statements
We provide several options for buyer-only, seller-only, and buyer-seller together.

The time savings you will experience with this volume from quickly finding the forms you need to eliminate the need to type the same client case information over and over again will astound you. It was the monotony of generating real estate documents the traditional way is what inspired Alan Schoolcraft to originally create ProDoc.

Order this volume online in one of the following library options:

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Texas Real Estate Library

1 This document-assembly system is not a product of the State Bar of Texas and is not endorsed by the state bar. The material in this system is provided by ProDoc, Inc. under a license from the State Bar of Texas, which took no part in producing the system. The license agreement between ProDoc, Inc. and the State Bar of Texas contains specific disclaimers of the State Bar’s liability with regard to the system and its contents, to which interested persons should refer. The material in this system is also contained in Texas Real Estate Forms Manual, Texas Family Law Practice Manual, 3rd ed., Texas Collections Manual, 3rd ed., Texas Foreclosure Manual, 2nd ed., Texas Pattern Jury Charges, published by the State Bar of Texas, and is intended for use in conjunction with those publications.

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