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Texas Criminal Defense Volume

Our comprehensive Criminal Defense volume contains 380+ automated, general-use forms that are easy to assemble and can be used for a variety of issues in the most common areas of a criminal practice.

This volume provides you peace-of-mind knowing that, as with every other ProDoc product, the Criminal Defense volume is kept current with any changes in statute and case law, including legislative sessions, so your documents are always bulletproof!

The Criminal Defense forms are grouped into the following broad categories:

DWI Defense
Includes Motions for Discovery, Deposition of Witnesses, Suppression of Blood and Breath Tests Along With Petitions to Appeal Administrative License Revocation and Obtain an Occupational Driver's License.
Motions to Suppress
Includes Motions to Suppress Evidence, Statements and Photographic Identification.
Pre-trial Motions
Includes Motions for Change of Venue, A Speedy Trial, Preferential Setting, to Allow Defendant to View Scene of Crime With Attorney and Restrict Publicity.
Includes Motions to Discover Exculpatory Evidence, for the Witness List, to Require the State to Reveal Agreement, and Application and Affidavit to Take Deposition Testimony.
Sentencing and Probation
Includes Application for Community Service, Motions for Pre-Sentence Investigation, and Early Termination of Deferred Adjudication or Community Supervision.
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Arraignment and Plea
Includes Admonition to Defendant on Plea of Guilty or No Contest, Stipulation of Evidence and Rejection of Plea Agreement.
Pre-trial Habeas Corpus
Includes Writs for Bail Reduction and Dismissal for Double Jeopardy or Delay.
Includes Applications for Reimbursement of Expenses, Attachment of Witnesses, Certification for an Out-Of-State Witness, and Motions and Orders for Child Victim Testimony.
Trial Motions
Includes Motions Invoking "The Rule", Limiting the State's Argument, and Instructed Verdict.
Includes Motions for New Trial, Free Reporter's Record on Appeal, and Notice of Appeal.

Many users of this volume report to us that they are able to draft so many motions so quickly that “motion saturation of the prosecution” becomes a much stronger part of their defense strategy. This is particularly useful to counteract what many defense attorneys describe to us as “legislative bias in favor of the prosecution.”

Use our State Criminal Defense volume and enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that your automated forms are up-to-date and that you can produce error-free documents in minutes!

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