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Customer Testimonials

We are very fortunate to have gained a very loyal following by our customers through the years. In fact, several are still with us from our beginning in the early 1990s.

Read below what they have taken the time to say about their ProDoc.

Our Customers Say It Best

Florida Subscriber Reviews
Texas ProDoc Subscriber Reviews

Florida Customers Say This About ProDoc:

“I opened my small office practice in September 2004. Thankfully, I realized ‘in the nick of time’ that my business would not, could not survive without ProDoc. To date, I can get by just fine without support staff because this software allows me to do just about everything with ease and efficiency. Thank you Pro Doc!”
Helen D. Jones
Fort Myers, FL

"Having ProDoc has given me peace of mind. The updates have come just as you promised and I love knowing that my documents are always current. An unexpected benefit has been that ProDoc is so easy to use that I am able to take my laptop and portable printer to clients’ homes and businesses with me and prepare documents while they wait – my clients love the service."

Gayle Boesky
Attorney at Law
Washington, D.C.

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“I love ProDoc. It was so easy to learn that right after I installed it, I began generating documents in all areas of the ‘General Practice’ collection. Recently, I prepared the necessary documents for an uncontested divorce with two minor children. With the assistance of ProDoc, all my boss had to do was review and sign his name. The parties were divorced in less than 20 days without anyone having to appear in Court! ProDoc also enabled me to complete two fairly complicated probates within thirty days! My attorney is really impressed with the amount of work I generate and, of course, he doesn't know ProDoc is my personal ‘legal assistant.’”

Sunny Ranz
Paralegal to Mark A. Bednar, Esq.
Pensacola, FL

“ProDoc is a Godsend for me – I don’t know what I would do without it! I’m not very computer-literate, but ProDoc has allowed me to practice as a true sole practitioner without any support staff. I’m also very impressed with the service – I’ve never seen a company so committed to training, customer support, feedback, etc. Thanks, ProDoc, for making my life and my practice so much easier.”

M. David Epstein, Esq.
Jacksonville, FL

“ProDoc gets me compliments and a raise from my attorney. She is so impressed with my increased productivity using ProDoc that she recently gave me a raise. Not only has my efficiency improved, but so has my accuracy. I started playing with ProDoc as soon as we got it and I was proficient even before the ProDoc trainers showed up for our free training. I love ProDoc!”

Amy Hendel
Paralegal to Cec Eaton, Esq.
Bradenton, FL

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“As a legal secretary, ProDoc has made a huge difference in my workload. I absolutely love the Child Support Guidelines calculator and Financial Affidavit features in the Family Law volume – they eliminate all the manual calculations, so no more errors. I use ProDoc to generate all of my pleadings and my Marital Settlement Agreements – they’re so easy and fast to do now using ProDoc. And, what’s really nice, is that ProDoc remembers all of the client and case data I enter, so all I ever do is enter it once — no more retyping of the same information over and over. I love my ProDoc!”

Toni Mazzeo-Hudson
Legal Secretary to Donald J. Vestal, Esq.
Hollywood, FL

“I'm sorry it took me five years to finally decide on ProDoc. It has allowed me to dramatically increase my productivity in my Probate practice and to organize it so I am much more in control of all the details of each case. An unexpected benefit is that I have been able to expand my practice to handle other matters for my clients because ProDoc’s automated forms cover so many areas of law. Thank you, ProDoc, for making my life so much easier.”

Jonathan H. Goodman, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Jacksonville, FL

“ProDoc is simply outstanding. I have used ProDoc software since June 2001 and discovered its ease of use and amazing technical and legal support. Our office is in a semi-rural county and our Courts have the usual unique format requirements. ProDoc's willingness to produce forms meeting our particular standards makes it indispensable. I've recommended ProDoc enthusiastically to my colleagues.”

Lynnette James Callender, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Palm Coast, FL

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Texas Customers Say This About ProDoc

Thank you ProDoc! I developed my own document assembly system but I was never able to get it the way I wanted it. ProDoc gives me what I wanted all along. I still wish I could use my own forms but the trade off for the efficiency of ProDoc has been worth it. One big reason is that I now feel much more confident delegating work to secretary because I know what to expect back from her.

I am primarily a litigator but originally got ProDoc to help me with some estate planning issues. I didn’t think I needed all the areas of law included. Much to my surprise, I have had occasion to use many of them and they have really saved me a lot of time. As for the litigation forms, I have found them to be very easy to use and they complement my style very well.

Tom O’Meara
Austin, TX

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The time and money saved using Pro Doc can be the difference between sinking or swimming for the Solo Practice Lawyer in today's competitive environment. Pro Doc helps level the playing field. I am very pleased with the product, service, and support I have received from Pro Doc Inc. You guys are awesome! We are very impressed with the e-filing capability that comes with the program. The ease of use, time, and money saving aspects of this service is just immeasurable.

Beverly Smith
Law Offices of Beverly Smith, PLLC
San Antonio, TX

ProDoc is the "800 pound Gorilla" of the automated law practice in Texas. They publish updates regularly, and put changes in the pleadings for changes in the law that you are probably not aware of unless you follow the law quite closely. In family law, they use the State Bar’s Family Law Practice Manual as the backbone; use of such semi-standardized and accepted forms prevents disputes when drafting final decrees and the like.
But the real beauty of ProDoc is its quality and scope in other areas where the questions asked (and the explanations behind the questions) give the lawyer a running chance of getting a quick, efficient, and most importantly, workmanlike pleading in an area or sub-area of law where they don’t usually practice. For instance, I recently had to do an Application for Probate during a holiday period without staff backup. ProDoc led me through an interview and created, with my minimal input, a workmanlike pleading that was filed "as is" after review by a lawyer, who actually knew something about the area.
"Law Office Paperwork in a Box" is the term that comes to mind for ProDoc as the quality seems to be high across all the numerous practice areas of ProDoc, whether it be corporate formation, wills and trust, probate, family law or any of the other modules.
When a lawyer - - of whatever experience - - is opening a new office, after putting in the furniture, telephone, and computer equipment, the first item to get running in that office is ProDoc. The office is now "open".

Kenneth D. Raggio
Raggio & Raggio, LPPC
Dallas, TX

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"I have been practicing law for over 20 years. My practice is primarily an office practice with an emphasis on real estate. I have been a long time ProDoc user and ProDoc has changed the way I practice law. Instead of spending countless hours updating forms I can concentrate on serving my clients. With ProDoc I have been able to maximize my office's efficiency which benefits my clients, my staff and me. With ProDoc I have not only profited financially, but have profited personally, by gaining more free time for my practice and my life outside of the office."

Christopher H. Moore
Knobles, Raetzsch, Moore & Eveld, LLP
Seguin, TX

ProDoc is the greatest product every produced for the small firm lawyer.

Moody Barrett
Attorney at Law

“I absolutely love ProDoc. I don’t know how any practicing attorney could do without it! It saves time tremendous time.”

Natalie Bills Reed
Attorney at Law
Dallas, TX

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“There is no way I could function as a sole practitioner without ProDoc or without hiring another person. ProDoc saves me an incredible amount of time in generating my documents.”

Joe Rader
Attorney at Law
Kingwood, TX

“I just wanted to let you know how much my staff and I love our ProDoc. We have been using the document assembly program for the last several years and the documents are outstanding. We are now using the SOS program and the attached billing program and have nothing but praise for the ease of use and the overall performance of the product. I can now update my Palm™ Pilot directly from the calendar and that keeps me going to the right place at the right time.”

Danna K. Mayhall
Attorney at Law
Athens, TX

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“The product is quick, you have most of all the forms used in our practice, and it is easy to use.”

Jerry L Davis
Attorney at Law
New Boston, TX

“ProDoc saved my life last night. I had to do a habeas corpus and I went straight to ProDoc. I didn't even know you had habeas corpus forms in ProDoc, but there they were. I just love ProDoc!”

Michael F. Payne
Attorney at Law
Wichita Falls, TX

“ProDoc allows me to offer my clients effective and efficient family law or criminal law representation. It keeps the fees coming in for this type of work, without causing me to get completely covered up with it, so that I can have more time to handle my PI cases.

Being a sole practitioner, ProDoc frees me up to do more things that are important to my PI practice, while allowing me to take on client matters in other areas (family and criminal law) and keep my practice more profitable.

For what I pay to ProDoc every month, it saves me five times that much in productivity. It's fantastic!”

Joseph M. Layman
Attorney at Law
Waco, TX

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“Our firm uses ProDoc, not only as a document assembly program, but also to keep our overall expenses, such as staffing, in control. ProDoc is essential to our firm’s continued success.”

Frank M. Reilly
Attorney at Law
Austin, TX

“I have been working in law offices for about 30 years. I remember the days of carbon paper and typing every word of TROs and decrees many times over in a day! Thanks to ProDoc, we can produce our pleadings in minutes and circulate orders within a few hours of our court hearings!”

Mary Kirby Jones
Legal Secretary, TX

“International Business College is excited to offer ProDoc as part of its curricula for its legal assistant training program. In checking out your software, I received nothing but compliments about ProDoc from attorneys with whom we have placed graduates, from the attorneys on our advisory board and from our attorney instructor. We look forward to working together with you.”

Fred Frasier
Dean of Academics
International Business College
El Paso, TX

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“I was so far behind yesterday because I let my secretary go a week ago. I had two divorces, one contempt motion and two modifications I had to do. I was able to rip those out so fast that I can’t really say enough good words about how the system saves time, especially in Family Law.”

Carol Myers
Attorney at Law
Pasadena, TX

“I am a solo practitioner with one non-computer literate secretary - and I do my own word processing. ProDoc has enabled me to increase my caseload tremendously because I can whip out documents, especially Family Law documents that are so bulky, in nothing flat. I can often complete an entire divorce decree in half an hour. Now that is an efficient use of time. I can take on more clients, keep my billing rates reasonable, and do a good job, too. Now, if ProDoc could just answer the phone, talk to needy clients, take collect calls from jail, etc., it would be perfect.”

Janet P. Prueitt
Attorney at Law
Gatesville, TX

“I have subscribed to ProDoc for about 7 years and I don't know what I would do without it. My area of practice is Family Law and Probate. I have tried Hotdocs and there is no comparison in the ease of using the programs. I appreciate all of your hard work and earnest attempts to provide new forms that you believe will be useful to us. I recommend ProDoc to lawyers who want to make their and their support staff's jobs easier. Thank you for the excellent service you provide.”

Gay Sapp
Attorney at Law
Austin, TX

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“I am very slow to accept changes but this ProDoc program has made a significant change in our practice. In addition to its many wonderful time-saving features, it also serves to remind me of issues I have initially overlooked. I do not hesitate to recommend this software to all legal professionals as a wonderful tool.”

Tom P. Briggs
Attorney at Law
Dallas, TX

“I have been using ProDoc for approximately six or seven years now and, quite frankly, have not found a document assembly program that has met my needs as well as ProDoc does. It was easy to learn and I especially appreciate the manner in which your firm has continued to upgrade, expand, and improve the program. I can only look forward to continued satisfaction with the product, based on my past experience.”

Mike Appell
Attorney at Law
Alice, TX

“ProDoc's document assembly program is simply unbeatable. Other legal software that I have used is archaic compared with ProDoc. One reason ProDoc has been so successful is its user-friendly philosophy. A company that goes to such lengths to please its customers cannot be beaten.”

Ben M. Sifuentes
Attorney at Law
San Antonio, TX

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“I have been impressed with ProDoc's continued innovations in updating its software. Also impressive is ProDoc's ability to update modules in a timely manner according to legislative changes. Although ProDoc is easy to learn and user friendly, technical support has been superb when needed. I highly recommend ProDoc software to many of my colleagues.”

Perry A. Tanner
Attorney at Law
Livingston, TX

“ProDoc is so easy to use that I sometimes wonder why you have any need for a manual. Production of routine documents is a "breeze" and because it creates a WordPerfect document, it fits right in with my system in the office and makes future editing the simplest of procedures. I don't know how we got the work out before ProDoc and I certainly can never say enough about your program and its addition to the speed and efficiency of document production in my office.”

Rush S. Wells
Attorney at Law
Lubbock, TX

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“I wanted to let you know how delighted I am with ProDoc. Like many others, I have a ton of software loaded on my computer that I have never used. With ProDoc, I was able to immediately incorporate the system into my practice and begin turning out the documents I wanted.”

Gregory L. Housewirth
Attorney at Law
Dallas, TX

“ProDoc is unsurpassed in ease of use, application of current law, and the availability of extensive forms for different areas of law. It is a pleasure to be able to call up ProDoc and, even if the subject is unfamiliar, ProDoc will guide me and help educate me in the creation of the appropriate forms. In a small law firm such as ours, being able to rely on ProDoc for quick turnaround of work (saving both the attorney's and the client's time and money as far as research and drafting are concerned) is an enormous benefit. We would highly recommend ProDoc to any law office.”

Leta J Womack
Attorney at Law
Houston, TX

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