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Simply Stated... ProDoc Document Assembly Systems Make Your Life Easier

Can you identify with this…?

In law school, they sure didn’t tell you what a tough business the law practice is. When they graduate, many attorneys expect to simply open an office, put their name

“I opened my small office practice in September 2004.  Thankfully, I realized ‘in the nick of time’ that my business would not -- could not -- survive without ProDoc.  To date, I can get by just fine without support staff because this software allows me to do just about everything with ease and efficiency. Thank you ProDoc!”

Helen D. Jones, Esq.
Cape Coral, FL

in the phone book, and then watch as the clients came running into the office.

The cold reality is that a law practice is a business and if you don’t run it like a business, you are not going to make the money you expect. And, the truth is that many attorneys are struggling to make the living they had assumed their law license guaranteed. Many of them are brilliant lawyers, but they don’t really know how to run their practice as a business.

ProDocís founding attorney created ProDoc because he was
tired of working long hours just to pay the overhead. He had a growing practice, but he claimed his overhead was growing faster than his income. For a while, he fell into the same trap as so many of his colleagues.

The “Longer Hours or Hire More Staff” Paradox

Too many attorneys think that the only way to handle more business is to either work longer hours or hire more staff.

That kind of thinking just doesn't make sense. With the first option, you work so hard you can’t enjoy the benefits of your labor. With the second option, the benefits of all your hard work fly out the window as you pay ever-increasing support staff salaries.

According to a recent study of the legal industry:

Attorneys on average spend 43 percent of their time creating documents and their support staffs spend an astounding 60 percent of their time doing the same thing. Most attorneys are stunned to learn that the single, largest time killer in a law office is paperwork. If you are serious about taking more money home, then you must make your office more efficient. To become more efficient, you must attack the one task that consumes more hours than any other task in your office — creating and editing documents.

That’s what ProDoc is all about we dramatically slash the time you and your staff spend drafting documents!

Here at ProDoc, our motto is “Twice the documents in half the time.” Well, we believe it’s more like “three or four times the documents in half the time” but we were afraid nobody would believe that, so we actually understate the benefits of using ProDoc.

“ProDoc allows me to offer my clients effective and efficient family law or criminal law representation. It keeps the fees coming in for this type of work, without causing me to get completely covered up with it, so that I can have more time to handle my PI cases.

Being a solo practitioner, ProDoc frees me up to do more things that are important to my PI practice, while allowing me to take on client matters in other areas (family and criminal law) and keep my practice more profitable.

For what I pay to ProDoc every month, it saves me five times that much in productivity. It's fantastic!”

Joseph M. Layman
Waco, TX

How ProDoc Saves You Time and Increases Accuracy

We have more than 20 full-time staff attorneys who develop our automated forms to handle much of the repetitive and inefficient paperwork in a law practice. Our forms systems automatically cut and paste, renumber paragraphs, merge data, and perform all the other routine tasks that go into drafting completed documents.

While you and your staff can certainly do all these steps manually with your word processor, ProDoc handles all of them, and a whole lot more, automatically in a matter of seconds, rather than minutes or hours.

The Story of ProDoc

I practiced real estate law and I had a sweet deal with a large title company. I provided them with the first plain paper fax machines and they sent me all their document orders.

The problem was that my overhead was killing the profits. I kept hiring more staff to keep up with the workload so my net income inched up incrementally instead of skyrocketing like I expected.

To make the process more efficient I started playing with macros, simple database merges, and anything else I could think of.

They were an improvement but nothing I found could meet my most fundamental requirement—logic internal to the form—enabling it to cut and paste the right paragraphs... according to my needs.

Literally, that’s what led me to learn computer programming... so I could “create” ProDoc.

Draft one document or multiple documents simultaneously in ProDoc and you will discover something astonishing; you enter information such as names, addresses, and dates just once and ProDoc reuses that information in every place and in every document you draft for the rest of the case.

Because we know how important current forms are to you, we regularly update our forms systems and automatically send you the updates.

We also make it easy to let you customize your documents because we know no software can always create the perfect document in all situations. On the other hand, no other software has ever been closer to producing perfect documents. It truly is revolutionary and we guarantee that it will pay for itself many times over, month after month.

How ProDoc Makes You a Better Lawyer

Yes … in addition to saving you time...ProDoc will make you a better lawyer.

First, you will generate even the most complex document in minutes instead of hours. If it is a simple motion, letter, order, etc., it’ll be ready to go with virtually no further editing in your word processor.

But, if it is a complex document, a pleading for instance, it will be 80 - 90% done for you. Most of our users call it "a great starting place" and it only takes minutes to get you there. You’ve just freed up hours and hours — formerly devoted to editing just the boiler plate — that you can now focus on the legal issues. After all, that’s really what your client is paying you for, isn’t it?

Just that one document—generated in ProDoc—could have freed you from your office one or two hours earlier today. What are you waiting for?

Here’s Just One Way You Boost Your Income With ProDoc

We know… you’re a lawyer out to save the world and protect the innocent. But, when you attended law school you probably expected your JD to guarantee you a better than average income. We find that most lawyers we talk to feel the same way... you're just not paid enough for what you put up with.

So, let's talk about a simple way that ProDoc will boost your profitability.

With ProDoc, one secretary can carry the workload of two… sometimes three. Now you could boost your case load without increasing your staffing — your accountant will love it (and so will you) — and, you'll all go home at more reasonable hours.

If you don't have a legal assistant, then you really need ProDoc... and you can get along just fine without one for years to come.

Basically, it’s nothing more than leverage. Put simply, ProDoc enables you to multiply yourself, and your legal support staff, producing more results with less effort.

ProDoc Is Flexible

ProDoc generates amazingly customized documents using the logic and intelligence our attorney-developers program into each of our automated systems. Whether you’re preparing pleadings, motions, orders, or any of the thousands of automated forms that we supply, ProDoc knows just what questions to ask to create the finished document for you. And, if by chance, unusual facts of a particular case require additional customizing, it's easy to do any final editing in your word processor.

But that is not all there is to ProDoc’s flexibility. You can easily add your favorite language to our master templates… modify the formatting and fonts for the finished documents…. add your preferred footer to the finished documents. And, you can even add your own forms into ProDoc.

ProDoc Is Easy to Learn

Finally, you might be wondering how difficult ProDoc is to install and learn. Well, ProDoc has always had a reputation for being easy to use. Our latest version, however, is even easier! With all the innovations we have added to the latest version of ProDoc, you will be producing documents with unprecedented speed and accuracy in less than 15 minutes from the time you install it — it’s just that simple and user friendly!

A Proven Track Record

Take a look at our track record:

“I was so far behind yesterday because I let my secretary go a week ago. I had two divorces, one contempt motion and two modifications I had to do.

I was able to rip those out so fast that I can’t really say enough good words about how the system saves time, especially in Family Law.”

Carol Myers
Pasadena, TX
  • We’ve been around since 1991.
  • Fifteen firms that joined us that year still actively use ProDoc.
  • More than 32,000 lawyers and support staff today use ProDoc.
  • We enjoy an incredibly loyal customer base, many of whom say that they simply could not practice law without ProDoc.

We think you will agree — this is a remarkable track record.
Isn't it time for you to discover ProDoc for yourself?

The ProDoc Team

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